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Setanta College Contributes to New World Rugby Tackle Ready Programme

Last month, World Rugby unveiled its revamped Tackle Ready programme. As a member of the working group responsible for creating the contact confident section, Setanta College's Director of Coaching and Athletic Development, Des Ryan, provides us with an overview of [...]

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Coaching Considerations on the Return to Play – Dr. Liam Hennessy, Des Ryan & Prof. Ian Jeffreys

With sport and training making its highly anticipated return, all involved in sport will be eager to hit the ground running. Coaches will find themselves in unfamiliar territory as teams and athletes return from a lengthy period of relative inactivity. [...]

Calf and Achilles Injuries – Managing the Risk Factors on the Return to Play

Increased Risk As competitive sporting fixtures are about to resume following a prolonged period of Covid restrictions, there will be an increased risk of calf muscle and Achilles tendon injuries. This can be attributed to a large increase in training loads over a short period of time where many athletes have [...]

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Greg Bennett: The Pre-Season Puzzle – How Do We Fit All The Pieces Together?

As coaches, how do we plan our training so that our teams get the most from it? This is a question many will have asked themselves as they plan their pre-season training periods. Many GAA and soccer pre-season schedules are [...]

The Threat Of The “Main Effect”, We Are All Individual

Elite athlete, coach, scientist and Programme Leader of our Master of Science in Performance Coaching, Dr. Joe Warne, looks at how the threat of the 'main effect' can impact an athlete's performance. Dr. Joe Warne getting an endurance athlete's [...]

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Setanta Talks – featuring Robbie Cannon

In this episode of Setanta Talks, we chat to Fitness Trainer to Shane Lowry, Irish Amateur Close winner and S&C coach, Robbie Cannon. Dr. Liam chats to him about the little things that make it worthwhile for him as a [...]

Tipperary fire-fighters to battle it out in inaugural Setanta Fire Service Games

Fire-fighters from Co. Tipperary will battle it out in a test of physical fitness and endurance at the inaugural Setanta Fire Service Games next month. The first of their kind in Ireland, the Games will take place at Thurles Fire [...]