“We are constantly trying to keep their fitness and strength levels high to match the demands of race riding.” – Wayne Middleton

Introduction Our latest Setanta Student Story features Wayne Middleton, a Setanta graduate and S&C coach currently working with licenced jockeys through Equuip, along with his own personal training services.  Below, Wayne provides an insight into his career journey to date, [...]

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“Bringing the lectures to life and applying them has made me a more confident athlete” – Arikta Das

National Honours A two-time national champion at under-19 and under-23 level with the Bengal team in India's BCCI tournaments, Arikta Das is currently a professional cricketer for Calcutta Customs Club, a team that competes in Kolkata's Elite Division and is [...]

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“I generally believe athletes are more inclined to buy into different methods of training if they actually understand the benefits of them and why they are doing them.” – Carl Jenkinson

Introduction In our latest Setanta Student Story, professional footballer Carl Jenkinson provides an insight into his playing career, a growing interest in strength and conditioning and his studies with Setanta.  Early Career in Football Carl’s footballing journey began at the [...]

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“I always think in terms of movement and the game the athlete is required to play, working back from there.” – Peter Hughes

Below, Setanta graduate Peter Hughes provides an insight into his coaching career which has brought him from his playing days with the Tyrone senior footballers to working with the Derry senior footballers and now as Rehabilitation Physiotherapist with New Zealand [...]

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“I’m a big believer in being objective and using data to drive decision making.” – Darragh Kennedy

Introduction Below, Darragh Kennedy provides us with an insight into his background in sport, having transitioned from the manufacturing and services industry to completing degrees in both physical therapy and S&C.  Darragh is now a student on our MSc in [...]

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“Sport psychology can provide techniques and skills to all ages, not just the elite or professional athlete.” – Michelle Caulfield – Setanta Student Story

Introduction This week, MSc in Applied Sport and Exercise Psychology student Michelle Caulfield provides an insight into her studies, career and practical application of her studies in the latest instalment of our student story series. Background and Sporting Influence “Sport [...]

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“Building relationships is where a good coach becomes a great coach” – Sinead Sheahan – Setanta Student Story

Introduction Our latest student story features Sinead Sheahan, a graduate of our MSc in Performance Coaching and owner of Sinead Sheahan Fitness.  Below, Sinead provides an insight into her educational background, her coaching journey and plans for the future.  A [...]

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