Output Sports and Setanta College Launch €250,000 Fund to Empower Both New and Female Sports Performance Graduates

Output Sports and Setanta College today announced a first-of-its-kind strategic partnership to equip both new graduates and female practitioners with the practical knowledge and tools they need to successfully advance their careers in human performance and development. This groundbreaking collaboration [...]

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Joanne Doonan: Coaching, Gaelic Football and AFLW – Setanta Student Story

Introduction  In the latest instalment of our Setanta Student Story Series, we chat with Diploma in Personal Training and S&C graduate and current MSc in Performance Coaching student, Joanne Doonan. Joanne is a current AFLW player for Essendon FC having [...]

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Applying Psychological Skills – Developing an Effective Programme

By Dr David McHugh, Programme Director - MSc in Applied Sport & Exercise Psychology Introduction  In the high-stakes world of elite sport, athletes continuously seek ways to augment their physical skills with mental acumen. Psychological Skills Training (PST) is being [...]

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Setanta College Contributes to New World Rugby Tackle Ready Programme

Last month, World Rugby unveiled its revamped Tackle Ready programme. As a member of the working group responsible for creating the contact confident section, Setanta College's Director of Coaching and Athletic Development, Des Ryan, provides us with an overview of [...]

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