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Dr. Liam Hennessy B.A. MSc PhDFRAMI is an Exercise Physiologist Strength & Conditioning coach and former international athlete who competed in the Pole Vault. Dr. Hennessy has worked in sport for over 25 years with a host of professional athletes and teams as well as being an active contributor to the academic knowledge base through published research and through his founding of Setanta College.

Using Technology to Manage Short Turnarounds in Six Nations Rugby

Turnaround Most observers viewing the Wales v England Rugby match during the current 6-Nations tournament would agree with England Captain Dylan Hartley, when he noted post-match that it was ‘ a hell of a test match’. Commentator have said this [...]

By | 2017-02-11T21:43:16+00:00 February 11th, 2017|Rugby, Sports Technology, Injury Rehabilitation|

The Impact of Sleep Quality on Health & Injury Susceptibility

Teenagers and Sleep In our first post in this series, we described the negative health related effects of reduced sleeping duration for adults. In relation to the adolescent population, Orzech and co-workers (2014) provide interesting findings from their studies on this [...]

By | 2017-01-26T17:21:03+00:00 January 26th, 2017|Athletic Performance, Sleep|
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