About Shayne Murphy

Shayne Murphy is the founder and director of SDM Performance. He qualified with a first- class honours degree in Sports and Exercise Sciences at the University of Limerick in 2010. He completed his MSc in Sport Science in 2012 and certified as a Strength and Conditioning Coach in 2013. Shayne has been working in elite football for over 11 years across first team and academy squads in the Premier League, including Manchester City, Liverpool FC, Blackburn Rovers and Cardiff City. He also spent several years with the Wales National Squads during their international campaigns at U21 level. He currently works with sports people independently and remains a consultant for City Football Group, which is a global football organisation. Shayne recently worked with New York City FC in the US for their pre-season. Shayne is passionate about human movement and training. He believes, “We need to understand on a far higher level the demand our sports play on our athletes and how these demands will affect the athletes individually. This is where we can we make significant changes to develop our athletes. We have all the tools, but I’m not convinced that until we analyse our athletes and their sports better, we will know exactly how to use them” Shayne has moved back to Ireland after more than a decade in the UK and whilst he has still work abroad with various organisations, he is hoping to develop relationships closer to home with people and organisations. Social Media: www.sdmperformance.com @sdmperformance – Instagram & Twitter Shayne Murphy – Linkedin