In this episode of Setanta Talks, we chat to Fitness Trainer to Shane Lowry, Irish Amateur Close winner and S&C coach, Robbie Cannon. Dr. Liam chats to him about the little things that make it worthwhile for him as a coach, achieving longevity in the game, and how ‘one size does not fit all’ when it comes to team sports.

We were delighted to welcome Robbie Cannon back to Setanta HQ recently. Robbie, as you will know, is trainer to Shane Lowry (The Open Champion 2019) having worked with Shane for several years.

Robbie is also Amateur Champion of Ireland and is perhaps unique within Golf circles as he holds amateur golf titles, has trained a professional tour major winner and is also a highly respected GAA team S&C coach. In addition, he has complimented all his practical achievements with studying within the area of S&C and performance coaching.

We hope you will enjoy this interview with Robbie as he shares his insights into coaching at the elite level. He also describes his early formative athletic career, his transition to golf as a player, and how he become one of the outstanding golf fitness coaches. And not to forget his movement into team sport coaching.

Per Angusta Ad Augusta.