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Without doubt, there are a number of cornerstones that we as specialists and professionals within sport, physical fitness, personal training, rehabilitation and physical education rely on to ensure that we are at the top of our ‘game’ so to speak.

The two most impacting cornerstones are that of education and experience in the field or profession. When combining experience and education together we can take confidence that we can become true specialists without parallel.

We’re delighted to provide a series of certificated modules that focus on the most up to date practice, theory and reflection on a number of key exercise related topics. These are listed and described below and we hope that you will join us on our collective continuous education journey.

Dr Liam Hennessy

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Setanta Certificate in Coaching Technology (10 ECTS Credits)

The aim of this course is to provide the opportunity for the coach to acquire specialist skills in using key technologies currently in use in elite sport. The course explores the ever changing world of sport technology and assesses the practical application of new technologies in training, coaching, and competition.

Workshop dates: 12th October & 16th November

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Setanta Certificate in Sports Nutrition (10 ECTS Credits)

This course provides a broad understanding of the key areas of nutrition in exercise and sport. It deals primarily with general principles but draws on examples from various sports to illustrate how the nutritional goals of athletes and players in training and competition can be attained and describe the dietary strategies that can be employed to meet those goals.

Course start: December 2019

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Setanta Certificate in Fitness Testing (10 ECTS Credits)

This course introduces the coach to fitness testing for sport, fitness development and physical education in general. You will examine the rationale behind testing as well as the validity and reliability needed in the testing process. While it covers laboratory testing, it concentrates principally on field testing which can be carried out by the coach on his or her own athletes/players. In addition, it looks at individual capacity testing and also covers such important areas as recording, monitoring and interpretation of test results, using a variety of coaching skills and technology.

Course start: December 2019

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Setanta Certificate in Growth, Movement & Development (10 ECTS Credits)

To effectively coach children and teenagers it is essential to understand their stage of growth in terms of physical and psycho-emotional development. In this course we examine how children progress and refine their fine and gross movement skills as they progress from infancy through to their teenage years. You will learn the importance of both informal and formal play activities and consider the relationship between general movement skills and sport specific skills.

Course start: December 2019

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Setanta Certificate in Coaching Skills (10 ECTS Credits)

This course provides the coach with numerous strategies and methods to effectively coach in sport, exercise, rehabilitation and physical education. The coach will learn how different coaching styles are used to coach children, teenagers and adults and participants with disabilities.

Course start: December 2019

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Setanta Certificate in Strength and Conditioning for Special Populations (10 ECTS Credits)

The course will enhance the coach’s understanding of how to facilitate greater involvement in physical activity and sport for special populations including the older participant, individuals with disabilities, and individuals with acute and chronic disease.

Course start: December 2019

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Online Learning with Practical Workshops

Here at Setanta College we have developed a unique ‘blended learning’ environment. Interactive lectures are delivered online each week, which you study in your own time, and practical workshops then take place in The SportsLab, Thurles. Here you will learn alongside your fellow classmates and be guided by some of the best S&C tutors and coaches in Ireland.


Introducing The SportsLab

LIT’s Thurles Campus houses the elite, state-of-the-art sports strength and conditioning facility, the ‘SportsLab’. Among the facilities in the 2,000 square metre Lab is a 45m, six-lane sprint track specially designed to improve speed; a Paralympic area; cable machines; a range of sport technology systems, Olympic lifting platforms; functional screening kits; power-racks; free weights and a full range of exercise machines.

The SportsLab is one of the finest facilities in the country and greatly enhances the practical learning skills of our Strength and Conditioning students.


45 x 20 metre strength & conditioning hall.
45 metre long indoor running track
3 number changing facilities
1 enlarged changing room
4 number classrooms
1 enlarged classroom


International Standards Sports Facilities and Expertise:

  • Squad Strength & Conditioning
  • High Spec Speed Technology System
  • Team Fitness Testing
  • GPS Monitoring
  • Technology to analyse running gait
  • Video Analysis