Our Partners

Partnering with teams, organisations, and sporting bodies at a local and global level to continue delivering industry-defining education, application, and insight.

Sporting Bodies

We are proud to partner with a range of sporting bodies to improve the quality of education available to coaches and athletes. Through these partnerships, we support coaches that are seeking to further their education alongside their career, practically applying what they learn in their day-to-day practice. The flexibility of our programmes has also allowed thousands of athletes to continue performing at the highest level while also preparing for their life after sport.


At Setanta, our mission is to deliver industry-defining education, application and insight to communities at a local and global level. To ensure we achieve this mission, we partner with some of the world’s leading companies across technology, sports science and performance. We partner with, and conduct research for, many sports tech companies throughout the world. Through these partnerships, we help validate products, conduct new research, create bespoke education content and include the latest findings in our course content.

Sports Teams

Through our consultancy division, Setanta Performance, we provide support to teams across a range of different sports and levels. Setanta Performance is led by Des Ryan, our Director of Coaching and Performance, who has vast experience in athletic development, strength and conditioning and performance science. He leads a team of experienced Setanta coaches that support teams in a wide range of areas including youth athletic development, strength and conditioning, sports psychology, nutrition and more.

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