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Welcome to Setanta College

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Setanta College is partnered with some of the world’s leading sports organisations

Welcome to Setanta College, an internationally renowned centre of excellence in all aspects of strength & conditioning and athletic development.

Founded in 2006, our passion is to help people realise their full potential through bespoke courses in which we deliver both the technical and interpersonal skills that enable our people to shine in their careers.

Come join us – and see what we can achieve together.

The Making of a World Champion

Setanta Talks – featuring Sanita Puspure

We travelled to the National Rowing Centre in County Cork to meet with Setanta College student, Sanita Puspure, the 2018 Women’s Single Scull World Champion. In a wide-ranging interview, we find out where her journey began and what goes into becoming the best in the world.

Our own Jack Donovan asks the questions, while we go behind the scenes and see how days are spent on the water and in the gym.

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S&C Courses Developed & Delivered By Experts

Undergraduate Strength & Conditioning Courses

Gain a 9-month Certificate up to Degree level qualification in S&C. Setanta College graduates work throughout the world with top professional teams and athletes. Others support their local schools, clubs, special populations and local community by applying their knowledge to help improve coaching practice and general health and wellbeing.

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Dual Qualification in S&C and Personal Training

Diploma in Personal Training and S&C

Our Diploma in Personal Training also comes with a certificate in Strength & Conditioning which will set you apart in the industry.
Along with ITEC approved lectures on Personal Training you will cover three S&C specific modules covering a wide range of subjects which will result in a vastly superior skillset of how to screen and train individuals, and teams.

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Professional Masters in Performance Science

Professional Masters in Performance Science

Those with a primary degree in S&C, Sports Science, Sports Physiotherapy, Athletic Training or a similar field of study can now enrol onto our groundbreaking Professional Masters. This programme will produce graduates capable of coaching, planning, managing and implementing the latest sports technology and methodologies in the upper echelons of sport.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What qualifications do our tutors have?2017-09-20T11:23:06+00:00

All of our tutors have at least a degree from a third level institution with many having a Master’s degree in their chosen area of expertise. In addition, tutors have extensive practical coaching experience in their sport and are recognised as content and practical experts in their chosen field.

Who are QQI?2017-09-20T11:22:33+00:00

All Setanta College undergraduate programmes are accredited by QQI (Quality and Qualifications Ireland).

QQI is an independent State agency responsible for promoting quality and accountability in education and training services in Ireland. It was established in 2012 by the Qualifications and Quality Assurance (Education and Training) Act 2012 with a board appointed by the Minister for Education and Skills. For more information please visit www.qqi.ie

What happens if I have to travel on holidays or business?2017-09-20T11:20:53+00:00

Missing a week or two should not present too many problems as the lecture notes may be printed off and studied at any stage within the 12 week module period. You should contact our Administration Office and your Tutor to inform them of your details and a plan can be developed to suit you when you have to travel.

If you miss a workshop it can be repeated at a later date.

Can I pause my studies?2017-09-20T11:20:11+00:00

A student can take a break after a module and continue in a few months/a year’s time and continue where they left off. Each module restarts every three months.

How are assessments carried out?2018-02-02T15:07:49+00:00

There are no sit down written examinations. The grade for each module is determined by continuous assessment. The breakdown for assessments and their grades can be seen below:

  • Online Logbooks Tasks: 15%
  • Assignment 1: 25%
  • Final project: 40%
  • Workshops Assessments: 20%

*Please note that for certain modules the breakdown of marks may alter slightly.

How many workshops per module?2017-09-20T11:18:49+00:00

Normally there are two workshops per module which take place on a Saturday. However, in some modules there may be an additional workshop.

Where do the workshops take place?2017-09-20T11:18:22+00:00

Workshops for all courses take place in the new state of the art Sportslab at LIT-Tipperary in Thurles. We also host workshops in Dublin for the Diploma in Personal Training and Strength and Conditioning.

How long is each module?2017-09-20T11:17:42+00:00

Each module is 12 weeks in duration and students study one module at a time. Once one module is completed, the student then progresses onto their next module.

How much of the work is online?2017-09-20T11:17:10+00:00

The majority of the work is completed online. It is recommended 4-5 hours a week study time. Additional videos and reading are available to supplement the written lecture notes.

How are courses completed?2017-09-20T11:16:13+00:00

Setanta College courses are delivered through the blended learning process. This means that the lectures (written and video) are presented online to the student on a weekly basis. Furthermore, practical workshops take place at regular intervals during each module (at weekends). It is recommended that the prospective coach or student is actively involved in coaching (either with a team or an individual athlete) or is personally training throughout the course.

What courses are available?2018-02-02T15:09:33+00:00

Currently we provide four QQI accredited part-time blended learning undergraduate programmes. They include:

1.     Certificate in Functional Screening and Resistance Training (9 months)

2.     Diploma in Personal Training and Resistance Training (10 months)

3.     Certificate in Strength and Conditioning (18 months)

4.     Higher Certificate in Strength & Conditioning (3 years)

5.     Bachelor of Science in Strength & Conditioning (4 ½ years)

Our educational pathway allows students to move from certificate level up to degree level seamlessly.

Setanta College offers a Professional Masters in Performance Science which is delivered via online blended learning over one year with additional time given for the final project at the end of the programme. Please note this is not an accredited programme on the NFQ – i.e it is not a Master of Science Level 9 programme.

In addition, we offer a full time MSc in Strength and Conditioning in association with Limerick Institute of Technology which is on the framework of qualifications at Level 9.



When can I enrol?2018-02-02T15:06:58+00:00

You can enrol on the following courses in March, September and December of each academic year:

  • Certificate in Functional Screening and Resistance Training (9 months)
  • Certificate in Strength and Conditioning (18 months)
  • Higher Certificate in Strength & Conditioning (3 years)
  • Bachelor of Science in Strength & Conditioning (4½ years)

The Professional Maters in Performance Science commences in September each year.

The Diploma in Personal Training and Strength and Conditioning has intakes in February and October each year.

Do I need to be training a team/athlete before starting?2017-06-28T11:15:26+00:00

Working with an athlete/team would be advantageous. However, it is not a necessity. We advise that you enlist to become a practicing coach during the course to allow you to practically apply the knowledge you have gained.

Do I need to be experienced with computers/and or the internet?2017-06-28T11:14:45+00:00

We will have an online induction webinar prior to the commencement of your first module. This will allow you to ask questions and to be given the opportunity to work through the college learning portal under supervision.

Can I apply if I am under the age of 23?2017-06-28T11:13:58+00:00

Yes, applicants must be 18 years or older on the 1st of January on the year of admission. Applications for all our undergraduate programmes must meet the minimum entry requirements for the college. A minimum of two C3’s in higher level subjects and four D3’s in ordinary level subjects (to include English & Maths) in the Leaving Certificate or equivalent, is required. All applicants may be subject to interview.
Minimum admission requirements for graduates of QQI/FETAC Level 5 awards (former NCVA Level 2 or 3) is a full QQI/FETAC award in a course in a cognate area with a distinction grade in at least three modules.

Are there any academic prerequisites for our undergraduate courses?2017-06-28T11:13:16+00:00

There is an open-entry policy for all our undergraduate course for all students over the age of 23. There are no academic prerequisites for entry onto these programmes.
You can register for the Level 7 Bachelor of Science in Strength and Conditioning without holding any previous qualifications. Our courses cater for everyone from relative newcomers to people with experience.

Who can pursue a Setanta College course?2017-06-28T11:12:38+00:00

Our courses are aimed at players, trainers, coaches, students and indeed anyone with an interest in advancing their practical competencies and knowledge of Strength and Conditioning.

What are the career opportunities after completing the degree?2017-09-20T11:29:18+00:00

In terms of career development, the majority of our graduates are working in the Health & Fitness industry, Sport industry, or pursuing postgraduate study. Students will be prepared to work with sport and recreational participants across a wide range of levels from beginners through to elite athletes. Additionally, students will be provided with the skills to perform effectively in a wide range of fitness related industries, such as rehabilitation, personal training, gym instructing, health and wellness, community activity, tutoring etc. We also have a number of graduates who have moved to PE teaching and physiotherapy.

Can I claim tax relief on Setanta College courses?2017-09-20T11:28:35+00:00

All undergraduate programmes of 2 years or more in duration have been approved for tax relief purposes under section 473A Taxes Consolidation Act 1997.

Tax relief is granted to Irish resident taxpayers at the standard rate of income tax in respect of tuition fees paid exceeding €1,375 and up to €7,000 for part-time programmes only.

Follow this link for more information.

What are the fees for the Professional Masters in Performance Science?2018-02-02T15:11:10+00:00

The cost of the Professional Masters in Performance Science is €9,500

What are the the Undergraduate Course fees?2017-09-25T10:51:56+00:00

Each module for our undergraduate programmes costs €600. All students are required to pay before commencing a module. Many students opt to pay for their first module up front and then start pre-paying for their next module.

Students can also pay for three modules upfront and avail of a €150 discount.

The cost of the Diploma in Personal Training is €3,000 upfront or else 3 instalments of €1,100 paid throughout the course.

View all course payment options.

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Strength & Conditioning is more than lifting weights – it covers the entire development of an athlete and what is required to improve their physical performance. Strength is just one piece of the jigsaw; you must also incorporate plyometrics, speed and agility, flexibility, endurance and core stability.

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