About Joe Warne

Joe is an elite athlete, coach, and scientist. He specialises in data analytics, biomechanics, and physiology. Joe comes from a Sports Science background, with extensive practical experience in the S&C setting working with DCU Athletics and GAA Academy teams for a number of years. He spent some time as a high-performance coach in DCU Sport and was also the Sports Science Author for Irish Runner Magazine for over 6 years. He has also worked in physiological testing services for DCU athletics, international athletes, and Athletics Ireland in the past. His focus is very much on high performance, where he has coached and currently coaches several international athletes, working as an advisor to many more. Academically, Joe has numerous publications in the area of running biomechanics and physiology. He has become recognised as one of the world’s leading experts in the transition to minimalist footwear with respect to performance and injury as a result of his PhD research. He has been the Keynote speaker at a number of international and national events, and has been featured on RTE television talking about his work. Joe continues to develop this area of research today and works full time in Academia passing on his knowledge.

The Threat Of The “Main Effect”, We Are All Individual

Elite athlete, coach, scientist and Programme Leader of our Master of Science in Performance Coaching, Dr. Joe Warne, looks at how the threat of the 'main effect' can impact an athlete's performance. Dr. Joe Warne getting an endurance athlete's [...]

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The Oversimplification of Training Load Monitoring and a Need for Change

Elite athlete, coach, scientist and Programme Director of our Master of Science in Performance Coaching, Dr. Joe Warne, looks at key aspects hindering identifying a valid method of training load monitoring and the need to treat players, athletes, and performers [...]

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