National Honours
A two-time national champion at under-19 and under-23 level with the Bengal team in India’s BCCI tournaments, Arikta Das is currently a professional cricketer for Calcutta Customs Club, a team that competes in Kolkata’s Elite Division and is a student on our BSc in Strength & Conditioning.

In our latest Setanta Student Story, Arikta provides an insight into the impact learning more about sports science has had on his career, balancing education and cricket and how he plans to use his qualifications in the future.

Delving into the world of S&C

The spark for fitness had been ignited early in Arikta’s career. “I’ve always had a fondness towards fitness and the roles it played in my sport, having attended numerous pre-season fitness camps and after working with a number of S&C coaches”, he reflects.

This curiosity evolved into a keen interest in understanding how targeted physical training could translate into enhanced performance in cricket. Having previously thought that “being fit was just a box that is to be ticked to compete at the highest level”, the pandemic and break in competition provided the opportunity to delve deeper into the topic.

“I decided to utilise this break to learn a skill which I would undertake as a career after I retire as a cricketer. The idea was to do a certification of some sorts which would qualify me as a coach. That is when a friend told me about Setanta College and the course details seemed very promising to me and I was motivated by the process and prospect.”

Balancing Studies and Cricket

A consideration for Arikta was balancing his playing career with education, especially in-season.

“I have to be flexible with my learning times as my practice, training, competition and recovery schedule can be erratic throughout the week, especially in-season.
The key is to stay up to date with the topics and as the lectures are well laid out and to the point, dedicating a few hours per week has allowed me to successfully manage my studies.”


Benefit to his Own Career

It is not only with a view to a career post-cricket that Arikta has enjoyed the benefit of his studies. He has seen a direct transfer to his current athletic endeavours.

“The knowledge I have gained so far has provided a shift in perspective in terms of my preparation, recovery and other important factors that contribute to performance. These are the ‘behind the scenes’ activities which are crucial for athletes. Bringing the lectures to life and applying them in my day-to-day game has made me more confident as a professional athlete.”

He specifically highlights improvements made in terms of developing his speed, sharing some of this knowledge with his team mates.

“I really do admire the way I have developed my speed over the last year. The speed devolopment module was very impactful to my acceleration, and running technique. And I have also helped some of my team mates in this area.”

Experience at the Residentials

The highlight of studying with Setanta for Arikta has been his experience at both residential workshops.

“I have attended both the residentials in India. I was able to witness first-hand the impact of proper coaching on athletic performance. From designing tailored training programmes to observing the correct execution of exercises, every aspect was meticulously taught to ensure that we become well-rounded coaches. What made this experience truly beautiful was the harmonious blend of theory and practical application. It was not limited to mere classroom lectures; rather, the learning happened on the field, with hands-on experience being the key.”

This transition to coaching is something he definitely sees in his own future.

“I absolutely see myself transitioning into a coaching role in the future. Competing at a good level as an athlete provides me with additional experience to know and feel what an athlete goes through different phases and situations. I have not yet decided the area in S&C world that I want to specialise in, but I do have a passion in speed and explosive power.”

Advice to Other Athletes

For athletes with an interest in human performance and sport science, he sees the benefits of upskilling through education.
“In my personal experience, educating myself in this arean has answered the ‘Why’, ‘How’ and ‘When’ we do different aspects of training.”

For athletes that do embark on this educational journey, Arikta believes “they will notice the difference in front of their eyes if they do so. Ecducation not only provides knowledge, it also provides confidence and security to an athlete. An understanding about one’s own game and the correct ways to prepare for it take one to the next level. I would definitely recommend studying with Setanta.”

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