In this episode of Setanta Talks, we had Clare local Ged McNamara talk to Dr. Liam about how he has become one of the key developers of S&C for Georgia Rugby, his preparation for the Rugby World Cup and how he believes a cup of tea can be better than any technology currently available.


Ged has always had a strong interest in coaching and not just at an elite level. Ged was a key S&C member of the Clare hurling support structure over a number of years. He completed his MSc in S&C at LIT, Thurles and through Setanta College’s links with World Rugby he joined the Georgia National Rugby Union as a key S&C intern firstly. He now leads the Georgian Rugby team’s S&C development. We are proud that Ged will be central in the preparation of the team as they get ready for the World Cup in Japan later this year.


Ged celebrating the REIC 2019 win with the Georgian Rugby team. Photo credit: @goldstandardfit on Instagram

We caught up with Ged on a visit home recently and are delighted to share a most interesting interview with him. Ged is a great example of the adage that ‘good people make good coaches’. Listen to the interview and you will note that he has a very personable and considered approach to assisting a player to not only be a better performer but he also shows a key interest and commitment to his welfare and longevity. Further, he has a balanced approach as to how he blends technology to be individualised and yet, part of a team approach to conditioning and performance analysis. Technology, as we know, can be overpowering. And this is exactly what it was not intended to be. It should lend an empowering hand to the coach and to achieve this outcome Ged speaks of the need to be selective in the technology used and always to bring common sense to the coaching process through face to face communication. Here we spoke about the ‘civilised cup of tea’ as a coaching tool. Simply put this is having a quiet sit down with a player or coach or parent and chatting honestly and openly about any issue, be it a challenging one or a positive issue.

As we head into the RWC, it’s great to see two Setanta representatives go head to head in the pool sections in Japan. Dean Lester is also working as the head S&C coach with Uruguay, and we will be watching their encounter with Georgia with interest. We wish the very best to both S&C coaches who have shown great commitment to their profession and indeed their adopted countries of work. They are part of a number of Setanta ambassadors including students and lecturers who are supporting teams prepare for the 2019 Rugby World Cup but more on that later.

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