We were delighted to meet with Rami Alhamad, CEO of  PUSH, at our HQ here in Tipperary last week. Listen to our chat in full below! 

Rami was on a tour of the UK and Ireland and has been introducing the revolutionary PUSH 2.0 Band to teams and sport associations, including the IRFU. PUSH have produced what can be considered one of the most useful resistance training monitoring devices which has moved exercise performance onto a new level. The Push device uses accelerometry (100Hx) with gyroscope (100 Hz) capability to precisely determine the velocity of movement in a gym setting.

Rami Alhamad, PUSH and Dr. Liam, Setanta College

We discussed the origins of VBT (velocity based training) for a brief time and noted the immense input to performance and training monitoring from great physiologists such as Dusan Hamar (of Fitrodyne fame), Carmello Bosco (who provided us with many of the metrics for performance monitoring used today), Prof Dietmar Schmidtbleicher who first used a linear encoder to assess squat performance metrics. All that was back in the early 1990’s when it was very unusual to monitor the velocity of a moving bar – both loaded and unload – within a gym setting. While we used all the above devices throughout the 90’s and naughties with teams and elite sports athletes it was only in the past 5 years that MEMS technology such as the Push have come to be used not just in elite sports but now in general exercise and fitness as well.

Velocity based training, momentous status training (as it was described by Carmelo Bosco), external resistance training workload, readiness to train and now dynamic movement training such as circuit and body weight training can now all be monitored so easily by anyone who uses Push, thanks to Rami who is leading the way in this wonderful technology.


We, here at Setanta College look forward to working closely with Rami to link the old principles with this new and every improving and advancing technology.

To find out more about how we incorporate the latest technology into our courses, download a course brochure: https://www.setantacollege.com/all-courses/.