The 18th annual European Network of Young Specialists in Sports Psychology (ENYSSP) conference will be held at Thomond Park, Limerick from the 20th-22nd of April 2023 in partnership with Setanta College. 

Below, Dr. Kate O’Keefe describes her experience of attending past ENYSSP Conferences. 

“This year the European Network for Young Specialists in Sport Psychology will come to Ireland. For the first time, sport psychology practitioners and students in Ireland will have the opportunity to integrate with the incredible work of the ENYSSP management team and the wider ENYSSP community.  

The ENYSSP conference offers a unique opportunity to explore the work of young sport psychology practitioners and academics from all around the world. It provides insight into the development of knowledge in the field and also how practitioners are applying this knowledge to a myriad of applied opportunities. 

In my experience as an ENYSSP member, and previous country representative for Ireland, the enthusiasm, encouragement, and support that you receive from being a part of these conferences and community are invaluable when pursuing professional development in the field. Further, my experience of attending ENYSSP lectures and workshops has always left me feeling truly inspired by peers who provide relatable and personable accounts of their practical experiences working in the field of applied sport and exercise psychology.  

Starting off in this field can be quite daunting when you begin to apply your evidence base to real-world scenarios. Through the ENYSSP conference, you have the chance to deepen your understanding and learn from peers who have begun their careers in the same way and are determined to share their knowledge and experience in an effort to drive the profession forward. 

The one aspect of ENYSSP conferences that I enjoy is the chance to meet colleagues from all around the world. In Ireland, we are a small but mighty country, yet sport psychology practitioners are few, with more and more students opting to choose this path as courses have developed over the years. The ENYSSP conference, and joining the ENYSSP organisation, can help to expand your network and offers the chance to collaborate and meet similar-minded individuals in the field.  

The ENYSSP conference has done an amazing job in the past at utilizing the time available to the conference in the best way possible, by including time to socialize with fellow congress members. This is, and has been, a vital inclusion to this conference, with the aim to truly get to know fellow colleagues. This year is no exception with a stadium tour of Thomond Park, a BBQ and an introduction to the Gaelic Games. There is also a conference dinner at the Limerick Strand Hotel. These events allow ample time to get to know your colleagues and solidify connections to carry throughout and post-conference.  

Not only this, but the ENYSSP conferences always attract inspiring and well-established academics and applied practitioners in the field. This year the conference hosts Dr. Kate Kirby, Gerry Fitzpatrick and Prof. Dave Collins, who are leading figures in the Irish sport psychology scene.  

I wholeheartedly recommend this conference as a must for both aspiring and established sport and exercise psychologists. The colleagues, experience, and knowledge you will gain will be influential and inspire you towards pushing boundaries within your own practice.”

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