“I tell my athletes, let’s be the master of 5-10 yards of acceleration, because they are the bursts that matter.”

A passion for movement

Loren Landow has a passion for movement unrivalled to any strength and conditioning coach in the profession. Coach Landow has spent the last 10 years as the owner and director of Landow Performance, a high-performance facility located in Centennial Colorado where he and his staff have trained over 700 professional athletes, competing at the highest levels of sport in the NFL, NHL, MLB, UFC, WNBA and the Olympics. As of the start of the 2018 season, Loren has taken up the position as Head Strength and Conditioning Coach with the Denver Broncos who compete in the AFC West division of the National Football League (NFL).


Coach Landow with Setanta College students at the SportsLab

Loren has been a friend and advisor to Setanta College for a number of years now and first paid a visit to the Sports Lab in Thurles in 2015 when presenting at the Youth Athletic Development Conference. We were delighted to invite Loren back to the SportsLab again in February 2018 to provide a masterclass in speed development for the students of our  Master of Science in Performance Coaching.

On the day Loren shared his views on how he develops linear speed qualities, the deceleration qualities of linear speed and multidirectional movement in the frontal and transverse planes of motion in field sport athletes. Loren believes that mastering these qualities will result in greater athleticism and a better athlete to hand over to a skill or position coach.

“Joint position dictates muscle function”


Gameday with the Denver Broncos. Photo Credit: @lorenlandow Instagram | Adam Bratten

Viewing himself as a “general physical preparation specialist“ allows Loren to focus on developing and restoring certain bio-motor abilities such as developing speed, power, strength, agility, mobility (flexibility and stability) and conditioning that are conducive to athletic performance.

Quality of movement is of the utmost importance to Loren’s coaching philosophy – taking what he has learned from the worlds best track and field coaches and transferring those technical principles into coaching field sport athletes has allowed him to provide an exceptional service to athletes, across a range of sports.

Quite simply – a legend in the field of strength and conditioning.