Should We Be Concerned About Sport and Exercise Science Research?

“Non-replicable single occurrences are of no significance to science” (Popper, 1959, p. 64) Sports and exercise science is a vast research field with many sub-disciplines and, as a result, there is a high amount of research conducted in the field. [...]

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Setanta College Internship – Shane Rodgers’ Experience in South Africa So Far

The Setanta College Student Internship Earlier this year, we were able to provide two Setanta College students with the exciting opportunity to travel to South Africa for an internship at the Stellenbosch Academy of Sport. One of the students that [...]

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Coaching Considerations on the Return to Play – Dr. Liam Hennessy, Des Ryan & Prof. Ian Jeffreys

With sport and training making its highly anticipated return, all involved in sport will be eager to hit the ground running. Coaches will find themselves in unfamiliar territory as teams and athletes return from a lengthy period of relative inactivity. [...]

Calf and Achilles Injuries – Managing the Risk Factors on the Return to Play

Increased Risk As competitive sporting fixtures are about to resume following a prolonged period of Covid restrictions, there will be an increased risk of calf muscle and Achilles tendon injuries. This can be attributed to a large increase in training loads over a short period of time where many athletes have [...]

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