Setanta College is delighted to announce a partnership with Pacey Performance, focused on providing the latest insights and research in the strength and conditioning and sports science industry.

Central to the partnership will be the publication of industry-specific reports that will provide detailed information on the current landscape of strength & conditioning and sports science. The collaboration between Setanta College and Pacey Performance aims to provide practical and actionable advice for those seeking to begin or further their career in the industry, leveraging the expertise of world-leading practitioners.

Other activities include podcasts, articles, and events that will feature contributions from elite-level S&C coaches and sports scientists from around the world.

Pacey Performance, led by Rob Pacey, has been providing resources like podcasts and webinars that provide free personal development in a time-efficient manner for strength and conditioning coaches and sports scientists since 2013. The Pacey Performance Podcast has been providing unprecedented access to high-performance practitioners and researchers from all over the world.

Rob Pacey of Pacey Performance, said “I am delighted to be partnering with Setanta College. Our missions align perfectly as we are both obsessed with providing industry-leading education to strength and conditioning coaches and sports scientists across the world.”

Dr. Liam Hennessy, President of Setanta College, said “At Setanta College, we are committed to supporting the development of our students and graduates throughout their careers. With this graduate network continuing to grow, the partnership with Pacey Performance will help us to provide further insights on forging a successful career in the industry along with actionable advice from world-leading practitioners.”

The first element of the partnership will be the “Pacey Performance British Football Performance Staff Survey”, which will be available in the coming days. You can find more updates on this by visiting the Pacey Performance website.