Get world class knowledge in the application of Youth Development.

Why should people who are passionate about youth development choose Setanta College?

Setanta College collaborates with world leading youth development experts and has been involved in research into youth health, long-term player development and wellbeing for over thirty years.

Research indicates that if children are active before the age of 10 they are more likely to remain active and fit through their lifetime.

Setanta College runs fundamental movement camps for children using our qualified coaches and experts with a key focus on fun and games. It is imperative that any coach working with children, young athletes and players has the knowledge to apply safe and fun coaching techniques with a focus on player welfare and long term development.

Setanta College modules are updated every 18 months with the latest thinking and research in youth development. Our programmes will give you the depth of knowledge and understanding to safely develop and deliver youth programmes.

What will I get if I sign up?

Setanta College graduates know how to:

  • Coach and train youth more effectively.
  • Assess youth fitness.
  • Individualise and tailor youth programmes.
  • Build strength, stamina and speed.
  • Improve power.
  • Plan proper recovery after exercise.
  • Protect against injury.
  • Advise what and when to eat.
  • Develop youth team programmes.

Your journey starts here

Evidence and experience informs us that there are coaching education modules that are fundamental and form the foundations of great coaching in any sport.

Setanta College has developed a pathway to give you these foundations and then build from there.

Join us. Be a Setanta qualified Strength and Conditioning coach.

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