Delivering Bespoke Programmes

Making The Worlds Most Innovative Sports-Tech Accessible

Setanta College is partnered with some of the world’s leading sports tech companies

Sports Tech Overview

Setanta College partner with some of the world’s leading sports-tech companies thereby ensuring our students are always at the cutting edge of technology and learn the most current methodologies.

This in turn produces graduates capable of making the world’s most innovative technology accessible and relative to all sports people.

Sports Tech Partners


PUSH is a team of leading sport scientists and engineers working in close collaboration with coaches, across many sports, to make performance monitoring and analysis accessible. By partnering with PUSH, Setanta College students have access to the next-generation of weight room tech. This allows our students to validate their programmes with objective data and learn how to maximise an athletes training efficiency.


STATSports has grown from its humble origins in Ireland to be the world-leading provider of GPS player tracking and analysis equipment. STATSports have an impressive clientele of some of the world’s leading clubs and international teams. Setanta College are delighted to have STATSports as a technology partner and we are proud to showcase their products on our programmes.


ForceDecks use game changing force plate technology to provide immediate feedback on key markers of performance such as jump height, peak power, flight time and contraction time. This helps you easily acquire, analyse and visualise data on an athlete’s neuromuscular performance that can help you shape training and rehabilitation programmes, and provide early warning signs of fatigue.


Kinduct are a leading software provider using intelligence to shape human performance. Through a secure, cloud-based platform Kinduct turn rich data into powerful insights. Insights that deliver tangible results that help make coaches, trainers and athletes better.


Myontec offer the world’s first and only muscle sensing smart shorts, mobile app with real-time monitoring, online sports diary with versatile exercise analysis and follow-up features. Myontec Mbody is the most complete & comprehensive training system available for analyzing your everyday work-outs and performance.


Orreco offer unparalleled science driven solutions for optimising athletic performance. By uniquely blending Data Science and Sports Science Orreco generate customized indicators of injury, optimal training load and recovery strategies. Dr. Brian Moore is founder and CEO and currently sits on the Setanta College Advisory Board.


Shadowman Sports design and distribute the most realistic tackling system for contact sports.
Their vision is to create better sports environments & smarter experiences by focusing on solving big problems caused through excessive contact in training. In turn this helps the development of reactive agility skill sets while minimizing injury and risk.