Golf Fitness Masterclass

The 5 Pillars of Golf Strength & Conditioning

3rd September 2019

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Workshop Highlights

Golf Strength & Conditioning: The 5 Pillars

Fundamental Physical Training Concepts For Golfers

The framework for this workshop will be the “5 Pillars Of Golf Strength & Conditioning”. Learning why each one of these fitness elements is important for golf performance will enable you to ensure your time spent training translates to your golf game.

Motor Control / Coordination | Mobility | Stability | Strength | Speed & Power

Rationale and sample exercises for each of the 5 Pillars will be explained and demonstrated. How to build a training program around this framework and common mistakes golfers make in their physical training will also be addressed.

Dr. Liam Hennessy, Padraig Harrington’s long-time fitness coach, will reflect on working with the three-time Major winner and give a unique insight into lessons that can be learned from elite sports people.

Introducing The Coaches

Mike Carroll
S&C Coach | TPI Qualified | UKSCA Coach

Mike Carroll is a strength and conditioning coach currently specialising in the physical development of golfers. He founded Fit For Golf, a resource aiming to bring high quality fitness information to golfers in 2015 and moved to California to work solely with golfers. Mike’s work in California for Hansen Fitness For Golf has given him the opportunity to work with a huge range of golfers. These include junior groups, collegiate players, touring professionals, and the regular club golfer.

Dr. Liam Hennessy
S&C Coach | TPI Hall of Fame Coach

Liam Hennessy is the founder and President of Setanta College. He is a qualified physical education teacher, exercise physiologist, and strength & conditioning coach. Liam has worked with a number of professional football teams in Europe over the last 3 decades and was the Chief Exercise Physiologist to the Irish Olympic Team at the Atlanta Games. Liam was fitness trainer to Pádraig Harrington for his three Major wins and continues to train Pádraig to the present day.

A Few Words From Mike

As golf strength and conditioning is a relatively new concept there is a great amount of confusion as to how a golfer should train for increased performance, longevity, and injury prevention. I hope with the information you learn in this workshop you get a clearer understanding of what’s actually important and worth spending your time on.

Regardless of age, fitness level, or golf playing standard you can benefit from implementing the information shared in this workshop.

“More yards and years on the course” is a tagline I recently saw, and this is something I’m certain I can help you with.

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This Workshop will be held at:

One Arena
4 Swan’s Nest Business Park
T12 XC1Y

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