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Movement Skill and Fitness Development (Level 1 The Child)


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Why choose Setanta College if you’re passionate about Child Development?

Setanta College collaborates with world leading child and youth development experts and has been involved in research into childhood health, long-term player development and wellbeing for over thirty years.

Research indicates that if children are active before the age of 10 they are more likely to remain active and fit through their lifetime.

Setanta College runs fundamental movement camps for children using our qualified coaches and experts with a key focus on fun and games. It is imperative that any coach working with children, young athletes and players has the knowledge to apply safe and fun coaching techniques with a focus on player welfare and long term development.

Setanta College modules are updated every 18 months with the latest thinking and research in youth development. Our programmes will give you the depth of knowledge and understanding to safely develop and deliver youth programmes.

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Course details & enrolment

Delivered over two weeks, this short online course will provide you with the key skills and competencies to create and deliver a programme of movement skill and fitness development for the child through the medium of games and strength and mobility related challenges. The child here is any boy or girl up to and including the age of 12.
This short introductory course will address 7 key topics:

  • Long Term Development and The Fundamentals of Movement
  • The Rudimentary Stage
  • Developing Fundamental Movement Skills and Fitness through Playing Games
  • Functional Screening
  • Stability & Mobility Circuit
  • Dynamic Movement Pattern Circuit
  • Planning the Session

The course will introduce the coach to the concept of Long Term Development.

In addition we describe what fundamental movement skills are and we discuss the importance of developing a broad range of these skills to a mature level. This leads us to a description of rudimentary skills and also we present several video clips to help the coach introduce these exercises and movements within a practical session.

We then describe a range of cooperative small games that can be used to develop greater competency in fundamental movement skills. These games are presented in video clips and categorized into warm-up, developmental and cool-down activities. We will emphasise that fitness can be fostered during childhood through a combination of cooperative games and play activities as well as more formal exercises and drills that can compliment any good coaching programme.

A simple yet informative functional screen for the child will then be outlined. We acknowledge that setting up such as a screen can be done in an informal manner and encourage such an approach.

The stability and mobility circuit is a sample circuit where the aim is to improve the common weak links in terms of stability and mobility within the child. The circuit can be completed within a given training or practice session if needs be and we present all exercises in video clip format.

A dynamic movement pattern circuit is then presented. Again this shows how basic movement patterns can be improved through coaching better quality of movement in these important movement patterns.

Finally, we describe the key components involved in planning a training or practice session.

The fee for this course is €49.00
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