Setanta College & Our Partner Gyms Present:

An Evening of S&C

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Meet those at the forefront of cutting-edge S&C programme design and delivery.

What To Expect

We are delighted to leave Setanta HQ and head to the cities of Galway and Cork where we invite you to join Dr Liam Hennessy in two of the country’s leading gyms and alongside some of the very best S&C coaches in the business.

These evenings are for those who want to learn more about Setanta College, hear from our special guests and meet those at the forefront of cutting-edge programme design across sports teams, elite athletes and the general population.

The topic of hamstring management, injury prevention and rehabilitation will be discussed with lots of practical drills also.

Workshop Venues

Galway Workshop | All Core Gym | 9th Aug

All Core Gym is a newly built, 1,200sqm S&C facility situated in Galway City. Formerly specialists in on-field training Michael Horan and Niall O’Toole have created a world-class training facility in practice and design.


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Cork Workshop | Fitnessworx | Aug 10th

Fitnessworx offer personalised and sports specific training to all grades, including Olympic athletes. John Corr is a tutor with Setanta College and leads the screening, strength, power and speed development programming.


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A Word From Liam Hennessy

I am reminded of a powerful statement when it comes to developing a career in sport or exercise coaching:

“Don’t let your knowledge lead to learning only, let it lead to action”.

Here at Setanta College we want you to develop a strong understanding of the principles that are essential in coaching, training, planning, and motivating your clients and athletes. We strive to develop your confidence and techniques so that you can apply and adapt your learnings depending on the individual, the environment and the challenges posed by their goals.

I am delighted to be able to speak to both current and aspiring coaches at two such fine facilities in Galway and Cork. I hope to share a brief snapshot into the work that we do, and to highlight what can be acheived by coaches such as John Corr of Fitnessworx, and Michael Horan and Niall O’Toole of All Core Gym.

I look forward to seeing you then!

Yours in sport – Dr. Liam Hennessy

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