Get the knowledge to improve the performance of your Gaelic Footballers

Why choose Setanta College if Gaelic Football is your sport?

Setanta College has led the development of Strength and Conditioning in Gaelic Football over the last 20 years. These years of accumulated knowledge are integrated into our world-class coach education modules.

Our modules are designed to give both novice and experienced Gaelic Football Coaches the skill sets and confidence to develop and run safe, practical and fun coaching sessions for players of all ages.

Our MSc qualified staff are past or current top class sports people or experienced coaches and a number of high profile players and Gaelic Football coaches have been through our programmes.

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Tommy Carr

Tommy Carr, Setanta College Lecturer

Setanta College graduates know how to:

  • Protect against injury.
  • Plan recovery from playing properly.
  • Coach and train more effectively.
  • Build endurance and stamina.
  • Improve speed and applied strength.
  • Know what and when to eat.
  • Assess fitness.
  • Develop individual and team Strength & Conditioning programmes.
  • Help players play more, better and for longer.

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How do the courses work?

Our online programmes are designed to fit in with busy work schedules.

Once you register, you get access to the modules online. The courses are structured in a modular format with each module building on the previous one to take you along our educational pathway. This allows you to work through the modules at your own pace and gain qualifications along the way from Certificates, to Degree or even Masters if you want!

Evidence and experience informs us that there are coaching education modules that are fundamental and form the foundations of great coaching in any sport.

Setanta College has developed a pathway to give you these foundations and then build from there. So join us, and become a Setanta qualified Strength and Conditioning coach.

Setanta College courses are accredited by QQI (Quality and Qualifications Ireland). This accreditation gives students protection via PEL (Protection of Enrolled Learners) should a course cease prematurely.

The courses are aimed at:

  • Novice and experienced Gaelic Football coaches.
  • Parents, Teachers and Players who are motivated to improve their knowledge and apply it safely in a Gaelic Football environment.
  • Applicants must be at least 18 years of age and no qualifications are required for undergraduate applicants who are at least 23 years of age.

How the modules work:

  • Each module is 3 months in duration.
  • The modules have on average 2 practical application workshops.

  • The content is delivered in easy to follow videos and tutorials.
  • Assessment is done via short multiple choice questions and two assignments – there is no exam.
  • Lecturers and Student services officers available to help you.
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