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We consider this the entry point to becoming a qualified Strength and Conditioning coach. The course duration is 9 months and provides to the graduate a 30 credit award. The course consists of three key modules which prepare the coach for work with both individual athletes, players and team sports. These are highly practical modules and provide up to date methods and approaches for those interested in becoming Strength and Conditioning coaches.

The modules completed in this course include

  1. Functional Screening
  2. Resistance Training
  3. Weight Training + Weightlifting
Course Code: RTWTS
Location: Blended Learning. Workshops in Thurles
Acc. Year: 2014/2015
Next Intake: June 2015
Duration: 9 months
NQF: Level 6
Accrediting Body: QQI
How to Apply: Phone +353 504-26723 or +353 1 5054623
Programme Coordinator: Thomas Callanan
Department Head: Dr. Liam Hennessy

Module 1: Functional Screening

This module introduces the coach to the functional screening process. It examines different schools of thought and approaches in this fascinating growing area. The module examines the basic principles of functional screening and then introduces a range of basic screens – showing the learner how to set-up, conduct, and interpret the screens. It shows how to understand compensations and muscular imbalances.  The module also provides basic guidelines on the design of programmes of corrective exercises to ensure better movement functioning of the athlete in general life and in sport in particular.

Module 2: Resistance Training

This module covers the history of Resistance or Strength Training and then addresses the types and functions of Resistance training. The content of our workshops will cover many different forms of Resistance Training methods and modes. In addition, the course discusses important topics such as Resistance Training and Children and the Young Athlete as well as Anatomical Adaptation and Periodisation. This module lays the foundation so to speak for all Strength and Conditioning programmes. Our practical workshops introduce the coach to various Resistance training modes that can be applied to all sport Strength and Conditioning programmes.

Module 3: Weight Training and Weightlifting

This module further develops the knowledge acquired from the previous Resistance Training module. We also address very practical aspects such as Health & Safety within the training environment. In addition we introduce the participant to the many Systems of Strength training and to the Acute Training Variables – all crucial in developing and prescribing a given Strength training programme. Our practical workshops focus on a progressive series of exercises that are considered crucial in any Strength training programme.  In addition we provide numerous video clips and resources to assist the coach in his or her programme planning.

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